Inside Tibet: The Tibetan Holy Mother Speaks To Me.

I wake to the sound of Yaks mooing, and prayer bells ringing, I wake to the smell of fresh snow and the Yak dung fire mixed with the smell of juniper incense drifting from the near by Rongbuk Monastery, its a uniquely Tibetan smell. I wander outside, the air is thin and the sky is so blue. I stand still in awe of Chomolungma I stand still for I am in the presence of the Holy Mother.

Tattered Passport, Tibet

Holy Mother.

I struggle to find words to describe this morning, the beauty I see before me, high mountains, covered in snow, glistening in the early morning sun, a few yaks are awake early, you can hear their bells ringing as they wander around the field. My head starts to fill with many emotions. I feel the pain of every Tibetan that I have met. I feel love towards these beautifully peaceful people and an unhealthy anger. I fight the anger off, anger is not something I want to dwell inside me. I feel peace and a feeling something like being trapped. I am confused but with a sense of clarity. I open my eyes and I see Chomolungma, I am grounded again. I return to the lodge, unable to understand what just happened.

Sun rise over The Holy Mother

Sun rise over The Holy Mother

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