Inside Tibet: The Holy Mother, Daily Vlog: 43

I listen to the sounds of the himalayas, the Yaks mooing, the bells ringing from the near by Rongbuk Monastery, a dog barking in the distance, this is Tibet, this is Chomolungma “Holy Mother” this is Mt Everest.

Tattered Passport

Chomolungma “Holy Mother” Mt Everest

Three weeks ago I was in  Gorak Shep, Nepal at the summit of Kala-Patthar standing at 5545m watching the sun rise over Mt Everest. Today I watch the sun shining over Mt Everest in Tibet.

The valley was covered in a deep layer of freshly laid snow, sparkling in the sun light, it was so beautiful, it was as if some kind of higher being had designed the perfect landscape for us to see. Carefully placing every snow flake, every Yak, every prayer flag and every ring of the prayer bells. I find myself quite in amongst the grand valley, the Holy Mother standing tall, looking over Tibet. I wonder what the “Holy Mother” thinks about what is going on in Tibet, how does the conflict make her feel? How does this grand mountain, the centre of many adventurers challenges, feel about the destruction and death through out Tibet?

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One Life, One Search,

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