Inside Tibet: Peace and Love in Turmoil. Daily Vlog: 39

Inside Tibet: Daily Vlog 39

We leave Lhasa on our way to one of the one of the Great Three University Monasteries in Tibet, The Ganden Namgyal Ling Monastery. This great monastery was founded by Je Tsongkhapa Lozang-dragpa between 1357-1419. It remained peaceful until it was completely destroyed during the 1959 rebellion, than in 1966 it was heavily shelled by the Red Guard the remaining monks were forced to dismantle the remains. After pictures of the Dalai Lama were banned in 1966, 400 Monks rioted. They were fired upon by PLA troops (People Liberation Army). Re-building of this once grand monastery has continued since the 1980’s.

Tattered Passport Tibet

Ganden Namgyal Ling Monastery

Given this monasteries recent history there was no surprise to see the heavy military presence. It all started as we approached the Wangbur mountain that the monastery sits on. We were stopped at a Police Check, asked to get out of the bus walk through a metal detector and back on the bus. It was strange as they didn’t check anything really? Just a display of power I guess?

Tattered Passport

Burning Incense

Tattered Passport Tibet

Ganden Namgyal Ling Monastery

Tattered Passport Tibet

Friends on the Kora

I was on the look out for hidden cameras and I quickly started to spot them. We started our walk around the Kora a Pilgrimage around a sacred mountain and sitting high on hill there was a camera watching over the valley and the sacred Kora. As I walked I felt this beautiful feeling of calm, it was obvious that this was a very spiritual place. I let myself float into this almost mediative state and feel the peace and love from the hills. It was truly amazing. I could see all the little caves that Monks have been meditating in, I spun all the prayer wheels that were scattered around the Kora. There were prayer flags blowing in the wind, sending their prayers over the valley and over anyone who walked the Kora. This place was very special and I had a moment between myself and the mountain, it was beautiful. 

Tattered Passport, Tibet

On the Kora

Tattered Passport Tibet

The Kora Panorama

Once again it all hit home hard as I rounded the last corner and the monastery came into view. One of the very first things I saw was a large Chinese flag, then I quickly became aware of all the cameras watching me again. I new they were there through out the Kora, I had seen them but I guess I didn’t let it bother me, I didn’t want to loose that moment I was in. I saw camera after camera, then more and more military personnel scattered, watching over the monastery. There were these two guards standing on a roof top under an umbrella. It just all felt different again.

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