Pinnacles and Sandboarding Tour: Tours With A Twist, Western Australia

I am so proud of my home state WA, the beaches are beautiful, the rivers are amazing, the bush is uniquely West Australian and the weather is perfect, well most of the time. So when I had the chance to showcase WA to my mate Lukey D on his trip to WA for the WA YouTube meet up I was pretty stoked and organised a day out with my sister Suzan on her “Tours With A Twist” Pinnacles and Sand Boarding tour. Luke and I filmed the epic day of Kangaroo and Koala spotting, swimming, Sand Boarding and visiting the famous Pinnacles, there even was a running back flip thrown in for good measure.

My sister Suzan runs Tours With A Twist, a budget tour company running a bunch of great day trips out off Perth WA. See all the best spots in and around Perth such as The Swan Valley’s winery’s, breweries and even chocolate factory, the epic Perth Coastline, the famous Scarborough and Cottesloe beaches, visit Kings Park, the most popular destination in Western Australia and one of the largest inner city parks in the world, its even bigger than New York Central Park, you can even see Penguins on their Penguin Island Tour.

Click here to check out the Tours With A Twist Website:


Thank you to Luke from Lukey D for making the trip over to WA, make sure you all go and check him out:



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