Good-Bye Bhutan, Hello Nepalese Drug Dealer. Daily Vlog: 31

I can’t believe it, my time in Bhutan has come to an end, I know that I have only scratched the surface of this amazing country, this country full of myths and mystery, I can not wait till i return to explore further. I say goodbye to both Bhutan and a new amazing friend Pelma, I look forward to the day that we meet again. You made my time in Bhutan magical, I learnt so much about your country and have a new understanding of Buddhism, thank you for your friendship, I look forward to visiting again in the future.

So I jump on the plane, this time ready for the crazy take off and it did not disappoint, super steep take off and hard banking to escape the huge mountains, a little more agile this time, we were in a much smaller aircraft. As we began to level out, i got a glimpse of the himalaya’s, some thing that I missed on the way over. There was Mt Everest, standing tall, looking over the rest of the himalaya’s, it was incredible to see the massive mountain from the air. Looking down on the epic expanse of massive himalayan range you start to see why this place is such a adventure travel hot spot. It is both huge and incredibly rugged, with massive mountains, huge cliffs and crazy rivers that rush their way down through the valleys.

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I land in Nepal and ready myself for the onslaught that is the taxi run. I now know how much a taxi fare should cost, but I have no idea were I am staying in Kathmandu, I have nothing booked, I was just going to find some where cheap in Thamel. So I walk out and ask the very first taxi, “400 rupees to Thamel” knowing that I will have to bargain something, he says “No Way, its 1000 rupees fixed price” I laugh to myself, I got a taxi to the airport from Thamel last week for 400 Rupees, I explain this to him, needless to say I don’t get a lift with him, I understand and have no problems with this, he is just trying to earn money for his family and if he can rip an unknowing tourist off, he gets more than twice what I was willing to pay. I go through this a few times and get a driver. But to my amazement he says “Wait here” I soon realise that he has another fare riding with us, to which he explained to him that I was his mate?? So we make it into Thamel, drop the other fare off, I will catch up with him later, really top bloke, I find out that he had charged him 900 Rupees, So double dipping hey??? Anyway he takes me to the “Chill Out Resort” resort is a bit of a stretch, it is pretty much just a backpackers in the centre of Thamel, really nice place actually. I find out that the taxi driver gets a kick back for dropping people off at “Chill Out”, this is how Nepal works, this taxi driver has had a great morning.

I spend the rest of the day wandering around Thamel and getting myself absolutely lost. I am usually really good at finding my way around a city, but I was wandering aimlessly and had not been keeping an eye out. So after hours of trying to find my way back I bump into this bloke named Bubba, the local drug smuggler. The find out more read my early post “My Locked Up Abroad Moment”, I still can not believe that happened. So anyone traveling to Nepal and looking to chill out in Kathmandu, it is an awesome place but beware of the dodgy underbelly, it is everywhere.

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Busy Thamel Streets


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