Tigers Nest Temple, Bhutan. Daily Vlog 30

Daily Vlog: 30

The day has finally arrived, today we make our way up to the Tigers Nest Temple, (Taktsang Monastery). Visiting the Tigers Nest Temple has been on my bucket list for ages, the mystery around Bhutan and The Tigers Nest Temple has intrigued the world for decades. The day starts early, I wander outside and find myself gazing across the river and up the mountain, I had no idea what the day would bring me, but I was ready.

Tattered Passport

Wise Words

We jump in our new van and start the drive, across the river and up the windy road up the side of the mountain. We reach the car park, as far as you can make it in a vehicle, now we are on foot. I was really looking forward to trekking again, so off we went. The temple sits high on the cliff, you can see it almost the entire way up, it almost motivates you to keep going. The climb is steep and it is quite hot and humid, you are protected from the breeze by the large trees, which are almost always covered in Prayer Flags, the walk is breathtaking and we are almost the only people on the trail. Half way up there is a little tea house, a welcome break, a cup of tea and some biscuits and we are off again. Pelma asks me “Short Cut?” so we follow this really cool track off in the forrest, it winds its way straight up the side and soon meets the main track.

Tattered Passport

Prayer Flags and Tigers Nest

I walk under some low lying prayer flags, I can hear the wind blowing through the tree’s, then I see it, I see the Tigers Nest Temple, it is just there, across the other side of a deep valley. I am at eye level with the temple, I get this giddy feeling, this excitement crossed with complete awe. From here you can really see how steep and huge the cliff is, the temple is almost just clinging to edge, I stand there in complete silence. I soon make it to the gate of the temple after walking down the steep valley covered in prayer flags. I hand in my camera to the gate house, and enter the temple’s walls. Once inside I felt instantly calm, a smell of incense burning flows throughout the temple and across the valley. I walk into the very first room and I was met by the Taktsang Lama, I couldn’t believe my luck. The Lama invited us all to the main room and treated us to an impromptu teaching. It was absolutely amazing to listen to someone so wise speak. I couldn’t get over the fact that he would always say “I don’t know everything” he spoke about love, peace, compassion and that knowledge is everything. He said that he see’s many “Tourists” that come to see the famous temple, just to see the site but can not see, they see the paintings but can not see the art, they see the monks but not the life, I believe the few people that he spoke to, he believed were there to really see and attempt to understand. This moment mixed with all my amazing new knowledge through out my time in Bhutan have a huge impact on my life. Bhutan you have left a lasting impression on me, I look forward to when I can return and visit all the amazing people that I was lucky enough to meet.

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One Life, One Search,

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