Butter Tea with Chanting Monks.

Tattered Passport

Fortress to protect from Tibitan Invasion

Paro has one of the most amazing ruins of an ancient well 1600’s Fortress the Drukgyel Dzong. I spend a few hours wandering around in complete awe of this incredible structure and find my myself day dreaming when this fortress was occupied and the stories it could tell. The Dzong, Bhutanese for fortress was built to

Tattered Passport

To Protect from Tibet

protect Bhutan from the Tibetan Invasion. Exploring old ruins would be one of my favourite pass times, I seem to loose myself in the history of the place. It is great to see that the Bhutanese government is actively maintaining the ruins. They are re-building the roof in the entrance, but they are keeping the site as “Untouched” as they can, it is a refreshing way of preserving a

Tattered Passport

Bhutanese Game

very important site in Bhutanese history. We return to Paro town for a quick Tea Break and a bit of shopping, I also watch our new driver play a local game, sorry I don’t know the name of the game. It was really interesting to watch. They flick a blue “puck” on a table and hit black and white “discs” and hopefully get them in the holes, kind of like pool or snooker.

Tattered Passport

The breathtaking ruins of Drukgyel Dzong

Tattered Passport

Window into the past

Tattered Passport

Kyichu Lhakhang Temple

We drive to a 7th century temple that is still operational by the name of Kyichu Lhakhang. As we walked in the first thing that I sore was this really old lady walking around the temple spinning the prayer wheels and chanting softly. She looked over to me and smiled, a smile of compassion a beautiful wise old smile and I instantly new this was going to be a beautiful place. I walked around the temple slowly spinning the prayer wheels and getting a real feeling of peace. Inside the temple court yard there is this very interesting belief. There is a stupa and they believe that it is sinking, and that this is a sign that the future Buddha is rising.

Tattered Passport

The Sinking Stupa and the Rising Buddha.

After Tea I had one of the most amazing experiences. We walked up the side of a cliff to the Dzongdrakha temple which translates into “Temple on a Cliff” original I know. The walk up to the temple was incredible. We walked passed a new house getting built, it was interesting to see new and old building techniques working together to build the house. I watched as one man was using a manual plainer and the other a electric one. We then

Tattered Passport

Phallis to protect from evil demons

pass through the yard of a house perched right on the edge of the cliff, they were more then happy for us to wander through their yard. It was so cool to see how they live, they had a pile of wood stacked up and you could see all the food growing around the yard.Then Pelma pointed out to me a Phalis “Carved Penis” hanging from the roof. This is believed to protect the house from demons. As you may remember in Punakha the Devine Madman subdued a demon with his penis. As we climbed higher up the cliff we started to hear some chanting, it was beautiful and was flowing over the valley. What happened next was out of this world.

Tattered Passport

House on a cliff

As we reached the temple we were invited inside the monastery by the monks. They were still chanting, the sound was unbelievable. My guide and I were the only two in there with a room full of monks all chanting. You could feel their devotion, they were in this almost meditative state, it was beautiful and powerful. They invited me to sit amongst them and to eat with them. They gave me their own rice and a cup of butter tea. I felt so blessed to have shared that moment with those monks, it was so special for me. I still get goose bumps when I think about it. These monks were so peaceful and had so much compassion for some one that they have never met, someone from such a different world to theirs. They invited me into their place and shared with me their food and tea, that little gesture has had a profound effect on me and the way that I see and interact with the world. These peaceful monks have changed my life. As we left the monastery I felt like I could just float to the bottom of the mountain, the sound of the chanting almost guided me, it was just…. I don’t even know how to describe it.

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One Life, One Search,

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